Android Wear 2.0 starts with Casio Pro-Trek

Casio last year's CES released its first Android Wear, today, they are the first to a public company, as the first release of pre-installed Android Wear 2.0 system product members. Pro-Trek's exterior is more like a sports watch than its predecessor. The replica watches uk buttons and borders on the fuselage are also enhanced with low-power GPS and offline maps, making them ideal for outdoor adventure. According to the example given by Casio, take fishing, mountain climbing, riding a bike are quite appropriate. In addition to Android Wear 2.0 features, rolex replica has Pro-Trek designed for Location Memory and Moment Setter function. The former allows the user to mark the location, using voice commands to trigger the opportunity to rolex replica watches record notes; the latter allows the user to set the watch at a specific time to light up the screen, such as sunset or mountain climbing high-speed tips. Even more fun is the GPS tags and offline maps can be used as a surface, stunning! But if you have a hand holding a WSD-F10, the former generation of products, then, do not rush to change ah. Because Casio has been confirmed in the quarter launched Android Wear 2.0 update.